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PACE offers academic and welfare support throughout the Student’s stay and access to the school resources & library.

Students live in their teacher’s home, allowing total immersion in the English language. Language learning continues after class with activities, where natural conversation and language development are achieved in a relaxed atmosphere.

Students may select General English, Business English, English for Specific Purposes or Intensive exam preparation.

Lessons are from 15 hours to 25 hours per week, usually between three to five hours per day.

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Courses are available as one to one or two to one.

Outline of course:

Before the student arrives:

The Student must complete and send to PACE. Application form, Needs analysis , Level test.

This information is vital to ensure the proper planning of lessons and accommodation before your arrival. A student cannot be placed in a host family without a completed application form being received. If it is not possible to complete the needs analysis or level test before arrival, you will be given them on your first day of lessons.

During the stay:

A daily lesson plan should be completed by your tutor detailing what will be taught and what excursion is planned. This sheet must be signed by both the student and tutor at the end of the day and these forms will be submitted to PACE at the end of the students stay.

The student may be taken on excursions during the week. When students are not attending excursions an activity may be planned for this day.

At the end of stay:

At the end of the stay the student must complete an appraisal form and this must be given to the tutor.

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