English language programme

Tuition is 15 hours per week, Monday to Friday. Learning materials will be made available to all students, with a graded certificate and an end of course report being presented at the end of their stay. The maximum number of students per class is 15, levels are assigned according to the CEFR, Beginner: A1 to Advanced: C2.

Multi-sports/ Excursion programme

Designed for students that want a mixture of traditional Irish culture and fun sports. Due to the school's location in Castleknock we can offer students a wide variety of activities and excursions, from amazing historical scenery, full and half day trips to sporting activities like Irish Sports (Gaelic Football and Hurling), Soccer, Tag Rugby, Mini Golf, Yoga and fitness classes.

Evening activity programme

Round off the day with one of the following: Irish nights (Ceili), karaoke, movie, poker classic, talent nights, treasure hunts with supplemental activities such as sport tournaments, Mr. an Mrs. competition and casino nights ensuring that each student is busy from breakfast to bedtime.

Weekends will consist of one half day activity and one full day excursion to places of cultural interest.


English Classes


Multi Activities


Talent Show
Quiz Night
Music Show

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