Work & Study

This programme is designed for adult students over the age of 18 years, with levels of English from CEFR: strong A2 – C1. The minimum stay is 12 weeks and availability in the summer months is limited. Classes are 20 lessons per week for courses 20 weeks and under. For courses over 24 weeks 16 lessons per week are available.

The Work & Study course can be combined with exams classes (minimum 20 lessons per week).

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The student will receive their own bedroom, all meals, and transport to and from PACE will be provided by the family if required. Our host families are located in North County Wicklow or South County Dublin.

Enrolment steps:

  • 1. Students must complete an English test. This test can be located at
  • 2. Students must complete the Work & Study application form available from your Agent or PACE office.
  • 3. Students must sign PACE’s Work & Study Terms and Conditions available from your Agent or PACE office.

Responsibility and Maturity

These qualities are of vital importance whilst dealing with children or completing housework. The Student must use common sense and seek advice from the host family when dealing with the children or completing their duties.

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