Academic Life

Your Teachers

Our teachers are central to your and our success. All attend training courses and modernise their skills regularly. They are encouraged to develop their special areas of interest, making the teaching lively and stimulating. All have professional teaching qualifications and are selected for their enthusiasm as well as their ability. Friendly and accessible, they appreciate the needs of students and take an active role in planning courses.

Your Classes

Based on your online placement test and an oral interview (conducted on your arrival at the school), you will be placed in an appropriate class for your language level. If you were unable to complete the online placement test, one will be organised on your arrival at the school.

All classes are lively and stimulating, you cover all aspects of grammar, vocabulary, listening and reading comprehension, writing, discussions, idiomatic language and pronunciation. If you are taking our Intensive English Course which includes one-to-one tutorials, a detailed needs analysis must be completed before you arrive in order for your tutor to plan specialised lessons for either your academic study, examinations or professional needs.

In-class materials: You can buy or rent your course book for a small charge. Your teacher will supplement your course book with materials from other sources, including authentic material from newspapers, TV, etc.

Your Progress

Our students’ progress is continuously monitored through weekly staff meetings between the teachers and the academic administrative staff, thus ensuring that they receive the correct level of instruction at all times. We encourage students to discuss their programme with the academic manager and their teachers. As students show improvement in their language ability they will be placed in ever more challenging classes appropriate to their level.

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